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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cheektowaga adopts law for inspection upon selling.

The Town of Cheektowaga has adopted a law which will require anyone selling their improved real property to, prior to its sale, have an inspection done by the Town of the sump pump system, floor drains, downspouts, exterior drainage, etc. to ensure that unpolluted waters from these sources are not being discharged into the sanitary sewers.

Only those properties located in the Town of Cheektowaga Consolidated Sewer District must comply with this law. Attached is a copy of this law and a map depicting the boundaries of the Town of Cheektowaga Consolidated Sewer District.

This law will take effect on MARCH 1, 2016.   Application for a Certificate of Compliance shall be made to the Town of Cheektowaga Building Inspections Department at 275 Alexander Avenue, Cheektowaga, New York 14211 (Phone number 716-686-3470).  The fee for this inspection is $100.00.

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