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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Market Arrives

Welcome to the Spring market in real estate! It is a magical time. It’s the time when all sellers and buyers come out of hibernation and transact real estate. While it may not seem like Spring outside, the Spring real estate market is already in full swing!
If you are thinking about selling your house contact a REALTOR® right away! They can direct you on how to begin the process to get your house ready to be listed on the market. This way, you can know what to expect, how long it will take and when the best time to sell your house will be.
The real estate market is making a come back in WNY! Your house may only take a couple months to sell. Most people want to find a house by the end of June at the latest so that they can move over the summer when work loads are lighter and kids are not in school.  If you list your house in May and it takes three months to sell, you will find yourself in July and in a very quiet market. However, if you list your house in March and it takes three months to sell, you will find yourself in May, with a month or two left in the busiest real estate time of the year. No worries, no pressure...
Most contracts of sale are written in the months of March and April. You can be sure that the buyers have been looking before they were ready to sign contracts to purchase a home. So there is no time better then now to contact a REALTOR® and get your house on the market. Especially since prices are not rising in most areas, you can be sure that there are many, many houses for sale. If you get a jump on some of the new listings that will surely be coming on the market for spring, you may find yourself ahead of falling prices and get more money for your house.
Additionally, if you are in a real estate market where prices are not holding, there are probably many houses which were recently listed that did not sell. When do you think the owners of those houses are waiting to relist their houses for sale? Spring, of course!  Don’t you think it would be a good idea to get your house on to the market before that happens?!
While I know I am not alone in telling you that I am a little excited about Spring in general, I want to clarify that I am not implying that Spring is the only time a year recommended to sell your home.  In fact, there are many reasons why other times of the year are great times to sell as well. For example; only serious buyers are house hunting in the winter time, the fall market is busy because people want to move during the holiday vacation and there is less inventory for sale during the summer months. You may find that you can’t wait until the Spring market and that you have to sell your house at a particular time of year. Don’t worry. Find a great REALTOR® and you should get the most that the real estate market has to offer.  But, If you are targeting the Spring market because you want to make the most out of the sale of your house, or if you are waiting for Spring to put your house on the market for sale, don’t wait too long. You may just find out that the Spring real estate market has sprung without you.
As always, keep reading and thank you for making 2FindYourHome, both in print and online, your premier choice for all your local Real Estate needs!!!

John B. Leonardi, RCE
CEO, Buffalo Niagara Association of REALTORS®,  WNY Real Estate Information Services, LLC
200 John James Audubon Parkway , Suite 201, Amherst, New York 14228   ph 716.636.3699 • fax 716-636.9121 •

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